Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's in a Name??

I have so much trouble coming up with names.  Lots of ideas I like floating around in my head, but so  hard to settle on something.

The S&W supplement:
cyber74 - still like it
S&W: Cyberpunk - not sure if I can use it
Retrocyberpunk - maybe not right for the ruleset

The Shadowrun game:
Mages & Megacorps - enough with the alliteration, I think
Sixth World - latest idea, harkens to SR canon
Awakened World - canon again

Just throwing some ideas down on "paper" for now...


  1. cyber74 has an excellent ring to it IMO.

  2. *rattle, rattle*


    Yeah... of the first list I prefer Cyber74.

    Of the second... Hmmmm... A LOT of the instantly identifiable elements of Shadowrun are IP, how are you going about the delicate art of being different from them? But... to the point... I've been trying to come up with a name for my own old school blog (wanting to unlink it from my main blog and give it its own space) and I want to avoid the Alliteration and Alliteration model that seems so prevalent.

    That, and there exist a couple of M&M games already. What about... Spellpunk?